Blending theater, hip-hop, stand-up comedy, slam poetry, and true-life stories with their own

original style, three tour-de-force performers take on racial slurs, stereotypes,

and the concept of race itself in this 95-minute stage production.


Winner of “Best Play” from the American Readers Theater Association, N*GGER WETB*CK CH*NK charges into the dangerous territory of race, but without the predictable anger and angst. Cast/co-writers from different ethnic backgrounds, Miles Gregley, Rafael Agustin, Allan Axibal say,  “The show traces the origins and evolution of three derogatory terms that shaped our lives and took the place of a genuine understanding of our distinct cultures.  In doing this show we hope to depower these words for ourselves and for our audiences.”    Co-writers Steven T. Seagle and Liesel Reinhart direct.

"A kind of 'take-back the language' national offensive." - Seattle Times

"Crackling energy...fresh and nuanced. Each actor is excellent." - Backstage West

"Wicked humor. Jokes come fast and furious." - LA Times

"I couldn't wipe the grin of delight off my face." - LA Weekly

"Sharp wit and virtuoso acting. These guys are ingenious comics." - Seattle Post

"Trenchant and entertaining...Star quality." - Daily Variety

"FOUR STARS" - The Week


"Yes, they're hilarious and they're socially significant. It can be done." -LA City Beat